[CT Birds] More spring signs

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 7 14:07:57 EST 2010

As usual, I am jumping the gun on spring with the first warmish days but why not?

This morning I looked out into my backyard to find that one of the local bears had come and trashed my bird feeders.  These 200-lb pains in the butt are back -- take necessary precautions to keep your feeders safe!

Other, more welcome signs of spring today included displaying and loudly gobbling tom turkeys in Eastford and a singing Brown Creeper in Union.  There is a vulture roost on a farm in Union.  I talked to the farmer today and he said that he usually sees the vanguard of the group around Feb 6th and this year was no exception.  He commented that last year was the first year this particular roost included Black Vultures.  I didn't see any vultures up there today, but I suspect they will be back in numbers fairly soon.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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