[CT Birds] Norwalk Harbor

John Wagenblatt johnw at lrcconsult.com
Sun Mar 7 19:46:52 EST 2010

I have been working conducting a survey of a portion of the seabed of Long
Island Sound for the past four days leaving out of Norwalk and yesterday
(Saturday)morning had 3 separate flocks of Long Tailed Ducks totaling 209, 3
Great Cormorants, black ducks near the power station, 2 red throated and 1
common loons and a few buffleheads and returning to dock around 5:30 we had
approx. 6500 ring billed and herring gulls all outside the harbor out to 1-
1 ½ miles out in the sound. 60% ring billed, 39.5% herring 0.5% GBBG feeding
on surface algae. In addition 1 flock of brant numbering around 400-450
mixed in with the gulls feeding on the algae (first time I observed this)


Today heading out in the morning  we had 4 red throated loons and returning
around 2:30 we had approximately 1200 mix flock of ring billed and herring
gulls near Greens Light at the entrance to Norwalk Harbor along with 45
brant and 1 flock of 140 long tailed ducks. Also 1 large peregrine falcon on
Greens Light.


Will see what’s out there tomorrow.


John Wagenblatt




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