[CT Birds] woodcock displaying in Lyme

Julie Keefer julie.keefer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 19:30:34 EST 2010

At dusk today I heard a woodcock displaying!  I only caught one brief
glimpse of him silhouetted against the sky but as I tried to see him again I
at least got to listen to him for close to 15 mins.  There were some low
trees in the way and he was up a hill so it took me a few minutes to realize
where he was.  When I got back to my car I played the woodcock track on
BirdJam and it sounded exactly the same!  This was so exciting for me
because this was lifer and what a great way to get a lifer!  I've read about
their display and listened to them on the bird CDs before but never had a
chance to observe it.


Do they tend to display in the same place?  If I go back tomorrow will I
have a good chance of hearing and maybe seeing him again?  He was located on
private property off of Rt 156.


Julie Keefer


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