[CT Birds] woodcock displaying in Lyme

jayne.amico at cox.net jayne.amico at cox.net
Mon Mar 8 22:19:15 EST 2010

 CT Birders -

This a.m  I stepped outside to the male and female bluebird arriving at the mealworm feeder. I offered them their favorite treat waxworms thrown on the patio blocks. The male flew right down while the female remained in the mulberry tree. He ate his fill and then flew back to the female with one in his bill. She proceeded to flap her wings and beg like a fledgling, vocalizing softly.  He fed her several times before they flew away. I checked the box no nesting material yet, but I do not think it will be long now if they are at this point!

I have also seen a male house finch feeding the female at the sunflower feeder. 

This evening I had a small window to listen and look for woodcock. I did not see or hear any displays but did see one woodcock fly through the back by the pond. 

What a wonderful bonus to have these gorgeous March days!

Jayne Amico
Southington, CT

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