[CT Birds] woodcock

Carol Ansel carolansel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 12:28:11 EST 2010

On my way home from work heard 2, maybe 3? peenting woodcock.  Too  
dark for these eyes to see, but if I hear the whistling noises, does  
that means they're in flight, or can they make other (non-peenting)  
sounds on the ground as well?  Didn't think I saw anything in the  
sky...  this was in one of the fields right off of North Main St. in  

Also had a great walk around CAS's Trail Wood in Hampton on Sunday.  
Saw 2 pileateds, 4 wood duck, one great blue heron - all fly-by or fly- 
overs.  What a fabulous piece of property! The size of the trees the  
beaver are chewing down is awe-inspiring. Pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/20751010@N08/sets/72157623451906143/ 
   (Unfortunately, no bird pix - they were too fast or far away for me  
- but some interesting shots of beaver workings).

Carol Ansel

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