[CT Birds] CACC & Orange backyard

Katz1449 at aol.com Katz1449 at aol.com
Wed Mar 10 17:04:23 EST 2010

3/10  Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford
10AM-1PM   sunny, 45 mid-tide receding.
Seen from windows facing marsh:
A smorgasbord of feathered friends today...
9 Canvasbacks (5F, 4M), 6 Gadwalls, 8 Mallards, 20+ Black ducks (2 with  
head bobbing and mating), 100+ Canada Geese,  18 American Wigeons,  4  Mute 
Swans, 40+ Green winged teals with 2 Northern Pintails flew in,
30+ Buffleheads,   15 Common grackles, about 20 Red winged  blackbirds,
 2 mourning doves, 2 American crows,  1 Chickadee,  2 Song  sparrows, 1 
American tree sparrow, 1 white throated sparrow, house  sparrows, 
10 starlings, 
2 Cardinals (M,F) ;  and  2 fake monk parakeets sitting on  wires--there is 
a UCONN project grant going on to make an exclosure to prevent  the monk 
parakeets from nesting on power lines.  Since we haven't had any  monk 
parakeets here recently, 2 fake ones were set up to try to entice the monks  and 
then see if an exclosure will discourage them from nesting.
On the Long Island sound side were many (2000+) gulls on the sandbars-a mix 
 of ring billed, herring and a few Great Black backed gulls,  
8 red breasted mergansers.
In my Orange backyard, I had 1 Fox sparrow this morning, which is an  
unusual customer for me.  Looking at my past data, On March 9th last year I  had 
3 Fox sparrows pass through.
Bev Propen, orange.

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