[CT Birds] Peck's Mill Pond and probable Pine Warbler

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 11 09:58:13 EST 2010

3/11, Peck's Mill Pond, Stratford @ about 8:15-8:50am-


(16) Black Ducks

(8) Mallards

(2) Wood Ducks

(1) Green-winged Teal (drake)


The beavers are REALLY going at it now there.  There are two dams, one of which is as fresh as it gets.  I hope to stop by at dawn one day soon to see them at work.  They are just about through a tree that has a diameter of at least 12"... cool stuff.  (Though the 2nd, rear dam caused a pool, that could easily flood up the woods back there.)



3/11, River Valley Rd. powerline-cut, Stratford @ about 9:05a-ish-


(3) Mockingbirds

(1) RT Hawk in the same 100 yard area tha they nested last year (why I was there... to see if they were nesting there again/yet)

(1) probable Pine Warbler in the trees behind a private residence. 


I did not see the bird, but it was singing, and it was a ringer for a PIWA song.  This same area, and maybe 1/8th of a mile north, last year was a great spot for migrating Pine warblers.  They always come earliest, so I say probably instead of possible.  If there was a term after probable, but before 100% sure, that is where I am.


Granted my FOY Pine was on April 9th last year, this is a new early date for me.  I just hope Scott's home to maybe track him down!

Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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