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Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 11 11:16:51 EST 2010

Just about every body of water here in from the Stratford/Shelton line (from the Sikorky Birdge down) seems 100% open.


This weather really made A TON if ice disappear.... and turned trails into muddy walkways!  It also flattened out reefs in the Sound due to the recent (waning now) Full moon, high tides, and weekly Nor'Eastersn in Feb.  Penfield Reef, at -0.3, with 7mph winds.... still had to have the knee-highs to get through the middle.


Hope thae helps.  The only bodies of water that I've been around that still have frozen water left is Trap Falls Reservoir in Shelton, some sheets on the Housatonic, and (werid) Hope Lake on Nell's Rock Rd. in Shelton.  I figured it'd be totally open that day I was there during this 52+ degree warm spell.



(Man... it's all in the back of our heads....  it WILL eventually dop back into the low 40's and high 30's, and I bet will get seom winter weather before all is said and done.  Lets hope for that NOT happening....!!)



Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
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> Just curious..........
> Here in NW CT from Bristol, north to the Mass border, we still have mostly 100% ice on lakes and reservoirs. I expect the following 4 days of rain and warm temps to open some of this ice cover.
> But I am curious as to the openness of ice cover in other areas of the State. If you could, can you post here what you have for open water in your areas? Seems from what I read here, the shores lakes and ponds have been open for a while now.
> Paul Carrier - Harwinton
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