[CT Birds] Video of Mansfield Hollow Eagles

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Fri Mar 12 09:49:04 EST 2010

When I stopped at the boat launch at Mansfield  Hollow around 3 Thursday 
afternoon, I first spotted one adult eagle in  the big dead pine in the 
northeast corner of the lake.  I noticed that most  of the ice that had been on 
the lake in the AM had melted, with only bits and  pieces left.  Scanning the 
lake I finally found a black spot just to the  right of the island on the 
left side of the lake.  Turned out to be the  other eagle, standing on the 
last remaining ice flow of any size, with a huge  fish!  As I watched, the 
other bird came down from the tree and bullied the  1st one off his fish (the 
one from the tree was much larger, obviously the  female).  Meanwhile, the ice 
flow was drifting from right to left, and soon  the birds were carried 
behind the island, out of my sight.  While they  drifted I set up my scope and 
camera and waited for them.  When they  appeared left of the island they were 
still taking turns on the fish.  The  distance is over half a mile (around 
3000 feet) and the light was bad so I  knew pictures would not be much good, 
and set the camera to take a video, link  below.  Keep in mind that I was 
shooting this through my scope, set at 50X,  and the ice was moving to the 
right, so I had to keep repositioning the rig,  thus the periodic movement and 
vibration.  I think this shows some  interesting behavior.
Link to album, a few stills included.  Takes a minute for  the album to 
Don Morgan

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