[CT Birds] Pheasants

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Sat Mar 13 10:54:24 EST 2010

In England, Hampshire anyway, pheasants are very common - partly because  
they are stocked for shooting.  But as a child back in the 50's, I knew a  
gamekeeper on a large estate and he would take me for walks in the woods and  
show me pheasant nests - often with as many as 30 eggs in one.  Apparently  
the hens share nests as well as parenting.  I've often wondered if wild  
turkeys here have communal nests too since you usually see several hens  
together with their poults.  No-one has been able to answer that  question.  Any 
Angela (Dimmitt)

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