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James Dugan jdugan11 at charter.net
Sat Mar 13 12:16:14 EST 2010

On Turkeys having communal nests:
Bent, in his Life Histories of North American Gallinaceous Birds quotes Audubon stating: "Several hens sometimes associate together, I believe for their mutual safety, deposit their eggs in the same nest, and rear their broods together. I once found three sitting on forty-two eggs. In such cases the common nest is always watched by one of the females, so that no Crow, Raven, or perhaps even Pole-cat, dares approach it."

During 2009 I had Pheasant at:
Watertown, February, 28th - heard (at Greg H's Shrike)
Sharon, Amenia Rd, mid August - 1 male
Kent, Macedonia Brook, October, 6th - 2 male, 1 female
Goshen, North Goshen Rd, October 28th - 1 male

Jim Dugan
New Milford

On Mar 13, 2010, at 10:54 AM, Angeladimmitt at aol.com wrote:

> In England, Hampshire anyway, pheasants are very common - partly because  
> they are stocked for shooting.  But as a child back in the 50's, I knew a  
> gamekeeper on a large estate and he would take me for walks in the woods and  
> show me pheasant nests - often with as many as 30 eggs in one.  Apparently  
> the hens share nests as well as parenting.  I've often wondered if wild  
> turkeys here have communal nests too since you usually see several hens  
> together with their poults.  No-one has been able to answer that  question.  Any 
> thoughts?
> Angela (Dimmitt)
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