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I wish the managers of Sherwood Island State Park could understand the first paragraph of this article.

Larry Flynn

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> Here''s a portion of Friday's article on inadequate funding 
> efforts for Connecticut (bird) habitat:
> The "Silent Spring" Rachel Carson warned about in her landmark 
> 1962 book does not seem imminent, but birds should not be taken 
> for granted.So while the Connecticut Legislature might seem to 
> have more immediate cares, lawmakers should not forget the 
> importance of open space. Loss of habitat is a big threat to 
> birds and other wildlife. Care should be taken to preserve as 
> much room as possible for animals.
> According to the Connecticut Audubon Society, however, the 
> state's documentation of open-space bird habitat is lacking, as 
> is a cohesive plan for land acquisition. And the Legislature, 
> after repeatedly holding off Gov. M. Jodi Rell's proposed cuts 
> to open-space funding, finally yielded as the governor pressed 
> for ways to save money.
> It looks like lawmakers don't care much about birds right now. 
> And in light of the economy, to a certain extent that's 
> understandable. Hard choices have to be made, and needed 
> services for people take precedence.
> But state government should not be so shortsighted in its 
> austerity that it forgets about a bigger, more scenic picture. 
> Connecticut is a lovely, naturally diverse state, and its 
> variety of bird life is an integral part of that beauty.
> The Audubon Society rightly points out that individual land 
> owners have a responsibility -- and an opportunity -- to foster 
> the survival of birds and other wildlife by leaving portions of 
> their property wild.
> The government has its own responsibility. Even though the state 
> can't go around buying up all of its available open space, it 
> should develop a cohesive plan of conservation, compiled not 
> just by lawmakers but also by scientists.
> Comprehensive documentation of the wildlife on all public 
> property would help the state make wise land purchases and 
> protect specific species. And it would help ensure an indefinite 
> future of birds singing to the return of spring.
> Steve Mayo
> Bethany
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