[CT Birds] Bald Eagle as Salmon Cove

CHIS Chris0381 at comcaSt.net
Tue Mar 16 16:56:26 EDT 2010

Hi my name is Chris and I’m new to bird watching (twitching as they call it


Got a chance to see my first bald eagle of the year.


I took a walk out to the bluffs in the new Machi-Moodus Park that overlook
Salmon Cove. Straight across the cove about a ½ mile out or so, you could
see one perched in a tree and another flying around. I used a 22xWA
Spacemaster Spotting Scope to observe them. Very nice sight to see.


As the herring runs are about to start. I believe the eagles will hang
around and also the ospreys also usually show up just before the herring
runs start. Sometime we know when the herring is in when we see the osprey
perched in the tress by the inland streams.



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