[CT Birds] Hummingbird Web Cam

judymoore at optonline.net judymoore at optonline.net
Tue Mar 16 17:46:12 EDT 2010

Hi All:I have been fascinated by the web cam Jayne recommended of the Allen Hummingbird sitting on her nest in California.  She was sitting on two eggs, when she suddenly flew off and started darting all over the place.  Pretty soon the face and front legs of a lizard appeared, almost in the nest!  She managed to ward him off, and then she removed the egg that had had a small hole in it for at least a day.  The conclusion of the people posting comments was that the egg was bad and its odor had attracted the lizard.  Does that sound right?  If the original address doesn't work, try http://cam.dellwo.com/Judy MooreWoodbridge

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