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John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 16 19:43:01 EDT 2010

Clinton shoreline backyard, Fox Sparrow continues, also for a week now a lone yellow rumped warbler

feeding at the log suet feeder. it is a male and he was hovering and lunging at the suet log and also

feeding on the ground. in early feb had a pair m/f rusty blackbirds and feb 26 had three female rw blackbirds.

also on sun the 14 march was on Long Island to attend a family gathering so had a little time to bird (did not

bring scope and camera due to weather conditions and time frame ) we went to nissequoque river state park

in the town of smithtown which is right on the sound and the mouth of the nissequoque river, NYS has dedicated

parcels of habitat as a bird conservation area ( and as with most of the NYS parks no pets allowed year round)

to our delight the first sighting at the "birding pond" was three male Harlequin ducks. this park is a fairly recent 

addition the the NYS parks division, and before was virtually abandoned and devoid of human interference. 

at sunken meadow state park which borders NRSP we saw hooded,common and red breasted mergansers

m/f all over the park, 20-30 total. mill pond in stony brook had all three mergansers also. there was a report

of a dovekie at montauk (turtle cove) and also razorbills,iceland gulls and lbb gulls. at camp hero bonaparte's gulls

and at tuthills pond canvas backed and ring necked ducks. this is the link to the website where I obtained the info.




John Pfitzner
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