[CT Birds] Strange Noise (Brian Kleinman)

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Thu Mar 18 07:27:33 EDT 2010

I agree with Barbara.  What your describing sounds like a Red Fox to me.  Click on the link below to listen to a Red Fox cry/bark.


Brian Kleinman
Riverside Reptiles

I just heard a strange noise as I was walking the dogs, I think it was a 
bird but maybe not.  The sky was just starting to get light.  It was a loud 
series of screeches, sounded almost like a duck or goose alarm call but a 
lot rougher and almost more metallic (if that makes senses).  There was a 
series of several short, fast screeches then they slowed down a little and 
came further apart and then stopped.  I heard this noise given several times 
with maybe 30 seconds to a minute in between.  I have no idea what this 
could have been, does anyone else? 
I also heard a Wild Turkey gobble in the woods.  Yesterday the Winter Wren 
was singing.  Do they breed around here or is he just warming up for his 
trip north? 
Julie Keefer 


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