[CT Birds] bizarre bluebirds

Hopkinsus at cs.com Hopkinsus at cs.com
Fri Mar 19 14:15:44 EDT 2010

I never have bluebirds nesting in my yard, though they pass through 
occasionally checking out my assortment of houses.  Right now I have a female 
vigorously defending a hanging wren house and scaring everyone away from it.  The 
male sits on the next branch very placidly.  She is flapping her wings, 
chattering away constantly, and attacking anyone who comes near.  I think this 
is attracting other birds since an assortment of house finches, goldfinches, 
titmouse, juncos, and yellow-rumped warblers keep coming over to her.  The 
house is extremely unsuitable for bluebirds, especially since the opening 
was greatly enlarged by downy woodpeckers who use it as a sleeping box in the 
winter.  That would be a terrible place to nest!  I've never seen this 
behavior before.

Amy Hopkins
Guilford, CT

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