[CT Birds] Ride needed by out of state visitor from Middletown to Annual Meeting tomorrow!

COMINS, Patrick PCOMINS at audubon.org
Fri Mar 19 16:25:12 EDT 2010

Could someone perhaps pick up an out of state birder from Maine who is coming down for tomorrow's meeting, but had car trouble pop up?

I have his cell phone #, but don't want to post it here, but could share.  I have posted his email address with the at and dot replaced to foil spam bots.  Please CC me so I know that we're OK.  Worst comes to worst, I could pick him up, but I will be a little busy overall tomorrow.  Thank you!

I am down from Maine for the COA meeting...but having car problems.  It is being fixed at Middlesex Toyota in Middletown (Route 3) tomorrow.  Any chance you know someone who would be able to pick me up at that location and bring me to the meeting???

David Doubleday  david 'at' roadrunner 'dot' com

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