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Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 22 11:00:13 EDT 2010

I know we have migrants that often stay in southern CT during winter... such as YRWA, Towhee, Catbird, etc...



My question is...  are these individuals that are seen during/through out the winter going to migrate north?  Or will they stay and breed where they are??  My basis for this question is Towhees.  I've enjoyed following their breeding the last year or two in my wods, and I've had 1-3 Towhees in my yard/wood/feeders all winter.


Are these most likely birds that migranted south, and thought my woods were a good spot to haul up for winter??  Or could they be the breeding pair, or offspring, of last year's pair??  If that is the case, again, will they migrate back north??  So in that theory, the pair that nested in my woods last year is probably down in NJ or the Carolinas or something now.



Just wondering if some of the seasoned birders who are more into breeding and behavior might know (Greg H, Mark S., for instance!)




Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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