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This was stolen from RIBirds, but I think is of obvious  interest to many 
in CT:
Tuesday afternoon, March 16, on the beach at Kiawah Island,  South Carolina 
the second color-banded Bahamas Piping Plover was seen by Aaron  Given, a 
biologist with the Town of Kiawah. This bird was banded on Barbary  Beach, 
Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas January 27, 2010. Kiawah is ~425 air  miles 
from Barbary Beach. No pictures are available, but the identification is  
solid. [The initial US resighting was of an Andros Island, Bahamas plover in  
north Florida on March 12th.] 
Today, the FOY Massachusetts Piping Plover was seen on Duxbury  Beach. 
Please keep your eyes open on New York beaches and sandflats  for The 
Bahamas birds!
where Piping Plovers wintering in The Bahamas are staging during  migration, 
and breeding, 57 birds were uniquely color-marked this winter in The  Bahamas 
for Environment Canada by Sidney Maddock and Peter Doherty, with help  from 
The Bahamas National Trust. Each bird has a black flag (band with a tab  
sticking out slightly) on the upper left leg, nothing on the upper right, a  
single color band on one lower leg, and two color bands (which can be the same 
 color on top of each other) on the other lower leg. Colors used included: 
red,  orange, yellow, white, light green, dark green, dark blue, and black. 
Please  report all sightings to CHERI GRATTO-TREVOR, Prairie and Northern 
Wildlife  Research Centre, Environment Canada, 115 Perimeter Road, Saskatoon, 
SK S7N 0X4  Canada (EM: _cheri.gratto-trevor at ec.gc.ca_ 
(mailto:cheri.gratto-trevor at ec.gc.ca) ),  noting the color and location of each band on the bird, 
and location and  behaviour of the bird (on nest or brood, foraging at 
migratory stop-over, etc.),  as well as presumed sex of the bird, if possible. 
Peter Doherty
leasttern AT hotmail.com
Virginia Beach, VA  23451
formerly of Carolina, RI


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