[CT Birds] Sherwood Island SP

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 09:05:30 EDT 2010

3/22 - Westport - Sherwood Island SP - (8-8:35AM)-EASTERN MEADOWLARK continues on the model airplane field,7 KILLDEER,

                                                     3 WILSON'S SNIPE,one on the field and two on the side of the road feeding next to a 

                                                     puddle,8 GREAT BLUE HERONS huddled together out in the east marsh behind the model

                                                     airplane field.I wonder how many more birds we might have appear on and near the 

                                                     airplane field if they reclaimed that area for wildlife instead of use by a small  group

                                                     of private citizens.??? I also had my first Osprey of the year fly over last night at 

                                                     Sherwood and take a close look at our new Osprey platform in the east marsh.I wonder if 

                                                     they will take up residence there this year and have to contend with the noise and fuel

                                                     pollution produced by the model airplanes and helicopters.I will be monitoring this and I 

                                                     hope the DEP might do this also.The birds and wildlife has just as much "right" as we do

                                                     to space on this planet!!!


        Check those puddles today.After all the rain we had last night,there are opportunities for "pitstops" for migrating birds at parks,golfcourses,schools,etc.,maybe even your own yard!


Tina Green



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