[CT Birds] Stratford yard/woods

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 12:42:12 EDT 2010

3/22, Stratford yard/woods/powerline cut (6-8:30pm)-


(5) American Woodcock displaying (I thought poor weather kept them quiet??)

(2) Red-tailed Hawks (12:00pm)**

(1) Grat Catbird

(2) Yellow-rumped Warblers (FOY)

(1) Swamp Sparrow (I think FOY... don't remember if I had one near the shore this year yet)


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**I have been awaiting this event, almost as much as warblers.  The RTHA pair that nest near me were out yesterday before the clouds rolled in, circling together.  The male (smaller one, right?) had a prey item (looked like a vole, or vole size) and gained altitude, then dropped it.  As the prey was free-falling, the female (larger) went into a dive after it, threw up her wings as if it was a parachute to slow down as she approached, and then snatched it out of the air with her talons.


I've seen these guys do this before and I think it is just amazing to watch.


Also hundreds and hundreds of peepers... I couldn't hear the wooodcocks so I had to change spots!  In addition, a wedge of Canada geese flying very, very high and maintaining altitude heading due north.  I counted 138 in what was left of the day's light.  Clearly migrants  (not just going to the next golf course, Larry!!)





3/23, Flood Middle School ballfields (across from my house) @ 9:30a-


(127) Robins

(2) Mallards


The field is flooded, and the robin numbers aren't anything out of the norm for this time of year, but I've never... EVER had a duck in the puddle that forms in the field.  


I may keep Tina's comment in mind!   (eyes closed, fingers crossed....   Phalarope. Phalarope. Phalarope.)  =)


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