[CT Birds] On This Date (3/24)

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Mar 24 06:57:43 EDT 2010

1883	Ipswich Sparrow	Madison
1888	Yellow Rail	New Milford, Gaylordsville
1946	Tufted Titmouse	Hartford
1948	125	American Pipit	Farmington
1949	15 Double-crested Cormorant New London
1951	Green Heron 	East Windsor Hill
1953	American Bittern	Somers
1956	37 Canvasback	Saybrook
1956	Red-necked Grebe	Glastonbury
1968	Smith's Longspur 	Stratford, Town Dump
1981	Snowy Owl	Willimantic
1984	White-eyed Vireo	Fairfield, Birdcraft Sanctuary
1987	Snow Bunting, Milford, Milford Pt.
1987	Whooping Crane Chester
1989	Yellow-headed Blackbird	Suffield
1991	300	Green-winged Teal	Old Lyme, Black Hall River.
1991	1 Eurasian Teal	Old Lyme, Black Hall River.
1994	200 Ring-necked Duck	Woodbridge, Knold's Pond
1996	Eurasian Wigeon	Stamford, Holly Pond
1998	800 Ring-billed Gull	Litchfield, Bantam Lake
2001	Laughing Gull	Milford, Oyster River

I try not to comment and let the records speak for them selves. Any  
record not verified by  physical evidence is a matter of trust.
There are records not accepted by the Rare Records Committee that are  
entirely plausible but, then there are others. Some can be ascribed  
to a misidentification of a more common species and there are other  
that makes one wonder. This Whooping Crane is one of them. A long  
flier like this makes a one day bird plausible. Could it be a  
misidentified Sandhill Crane, one of the translocated Whoopers from  
Florida, or something else all together? Mystery upon Mystery.

Another Comment.

The Yellow Rail report and these rainy days has got me thinking. It  
might be worth while for people to try trudging through wet  
grasslands looking for one of these birds. The place I always think  
about when there, is the area on the east side of the entrance road  
of Silver Sands St. Pk.

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