[CT Birds] Inland Stratford birding

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 09:36:07 EDT 2010

3/26, Corner of Nemergut and Wigwam Rd. (flooded farm)  (8:20a)-


(1) Black X Mallard hybrid


3/26, Peck's Mill Pond  (8:55a)-


(2) Wood Ducks

(1) drake GW Teal



3/25, Stratford yard/woods/powerline cut (4-6:30p)-


27 species total, highlights were


(1) Osprey with a FULL crop

(1) juv. Coop heading NW

(1) SINGING Winter wren (I have never head a WIWR sing until yesterday!)

(2) Brown Creepers

(4) DC Cormorants heading due N


American crows have decided to nest in some large conifers and it was neat to see them work up a nest.  There were 3 though...  hmm.


Also peepers, wood frogs, 2 snoring pickerel frogs, red-backed salamanders, a single Mourning cloak and a single Azure, a 2'+ dead garter with clear talon marks on him, and (THANKS TWAN!!!) my first Spotted salamander ever found back there.  He actually bit me.


Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
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