[CT Birds] Osprey with big fish

CHIS Chris0381 at comcaSt.net
Sat Mar 27 09:05:44 EDT 2010

LOL Maryann, I know how that feels. Between my spotting scope, tripod,
camera, binoculars, and water bottle, my bag is about 30lbs or more. I just
sold my 10 x 50 binoculars for a set of small Nikon 7 x 35's that are much
easier to carry.


I hope you have more experiences like this as they are great stories.
Imagine that bird grabbed that flounder of the bottom of the ocean ant that
flounder was somewhat camouflaged. 


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Chris..it was a great thing to witness. Whenever I take a long walk..I
say..should I take the binoculars or not?  Sometimes they weigh me down..but
most times I'm grateful that I took them along.

That was probably about 5 bucks worth of flounder filet he lost!!!


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