[CT Birds] Stratford TRUMPETER SWANS

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 28 18:29:37 EDT 2010

3/28, Cranberry Pond (corner of James Farm Rd & Armstrong Ln) @ 5:30-6p-





I was driving by to pick up a pizza, and two swans were right on the edge of the pond near James Farm Rd about 8' from my window.  I figured Tundra... either way I called a few people, and Frank Mantlik, Scott Kruitbosch and I agreed that they were in fact Trumpeters, and not Tundras.  We saw no signs of any tags or bands or anything to tell us they are escapees, but that is not my field.


There were also 2-3 E. Phoebes working the edges of the pond.  I'll have photos on my blog tomorrow.

Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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