[CT Birds] Bonaparte's Gulls, Southport

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Sun Mar 28 20:28:02 EDT 2010

There was a flock of about 80 or 85 Bonaparte's Gulls at Southport late  
this afternoon, but as always they did not linger long before heading out  
directly offshore and disappearing in the light rain.
 Soon after, I was talking with my aunt and uncle who told me that  they 
had seen a massive flock of Bonaparte's Gulls at Southport back on  Friday 
which my uncle told me had to be more than 1000 birds. He had  actually 
estimated 2000 at the time. He told me that it  was hard to estimate the flock size 
because they were going into  the air in a mass flock and zig-zagging 
around in unison like starlings do  before landing again and then repeating the 
process many times over.  Anyway, regardless of the actual number of birds in 
the flock, it was the  first really large group of Bonaparte's Gull that I 
have heard of this  spring. 
Charlie Barnard

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