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The situation with Trumpeter Swans is not easy.  The re-introduction process has had some success (whether it is actually re-introduction or introduction is still yet to be figured out). As with other re-introduced birds, I believe the criteria for official state listing is twenty years of having a viable, sustaining and growing population in the wild after re-introduction.  We have a while to go yet.  Only records  after the twenty years will be considered for listing...previous records are not reviewed as they occurred during a time the species was not considered listable.

Beyond all this, remember that what is counted on individual lists is the sole perview of the person making that list.  Trumpeter Swans are cool birds listable or not.

---- Alexander Burdo <alexanderburdo at mac.com> wrote: 
> I visited Cranberry Pond earlier in the day and got great scope views  
> at the two continuing Trumpeter Swans.
> Here are some digiscoped photos at the link below:
> http://floridascrubjay.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/32910-trumpeter-swans-stratford/
> A question about countability-if the population survives healthy, in  
> time will the ARCC come back to this record and look at it again for  
> acceptance?
> Countable or not a terrific find by Brian-exciting birds to see in CT!
> Alex Burdo
> Fairfield
> http://floridascrubjay.wordpress.com/
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