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Shari kestrel9222 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 29 21:24:45 EDT 2010

Hi All,
 I was planning to sneak in a reference to his book "Bringing Nature Home" on this list anyway and when I saw the post on the symposium April 10th in Fairfield featuring Doug Tallamy I thought this might be a good time.
 I am taking the UConn Extension Master Gardener course and this book was mentioned by two of the very wonderful instructors we have had. So, I got a copy of the book and I'm about halfway through it..  It has been called The Silent Spring of our time and .....it is.  Birders, particularly those with backyards, but all birders really, need to read this.
I had considered myself to be environmentally aware, being both a birder and a gardener, but I was very wrong.  I can't put it strongly enough...we all need to read this, we all need to know this.  Tallamy goes as far as saying that backyards are the last bastion for insects, birds and mammals. And that if we do not get our backyard stuff together we will doom thousands more species to extinction.  He makes a very compelling case.
So, if some of us got to read this before the warblers start claiming all our free time, and told a few others, maybe we could impact our yards and gardens this spring.  It is very, very interesting.
Shari Guarino, Southington

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