[CT Birds] Lapwing April Fools post

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 1 22:02:50 EDT 2010

Clearly we should all think before we post messages. The Lapwing post was in
particularly poor taste in that the timing was good for an actual occurrence
of Lapwing and the location was a likely one as well. Whether the post was
made in pure innocence or not is something only the author can answer. I
have seen purely innocent pranks made and I have seen malicious pranks made.
Unfortunately both are part of human nature. I have never maliciously misled
anyone myself but I have made a bad joke or two (or twenty) in my life. I am
not going to express any feelings one way or the other in that vein on this
event. Many people take birding and listing very seriously. There is
absolutely nothing wrong with that but some people don't fully understand
the extent to which that can be true. The fact is the bad info was put out
and very shortly thereafter it was corrected. The original poster will pay a
price for the misstep, innocent or not. So I choose to look at the silver
lining in this cloud. Never before has birding information gotten out so
fast to so many people as it does now. With that instantaneous (usually)
gratification comes occasional instant frustration. Those who maliciously
spread false info (and I am NOT saying that is the case here) are looking
for a rise out of people and are pleased when they know they have gotten it.
Those who make innocent but thoughtless posts that unintentionally upset
people are almost always mortified, deeply repentant, and sometimes go
silent as the grave out of embarrassment. So whatever is the case here the
original poster has put himself in a public situation that is truly awkward
and one that I certainly wouldn't want to be in. So let's all take a
collective deep breath and get our focus back on the wonderful phenomena
called Spring migration. Tomorrow is no longer April Fools day and I'm
hoping to get through the whole day without doing anything foolish. After
all, "Hope springs eternal" yes?




Dave Provencher

Naturally New England



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