[CT Birds] hoax

Claudia cllongmore at cox.net
Thu Apr 1 22:32:10 EDT 2010

ENOUGH ALREADY !!!   would everyone please take a deep breath and count to
10 (maybe even a hundred) ?   

Listen to yourselves - based on a report of " No real specific's but
hopefully something soon "   people have canceled plans, sent harassing
emails, and are " threatening to go apeshit on RI " .   is there really
anyone out there who hasn't played a practical joke that backfired ?   
So what if this was silly, lame, whatever .   it's the 1st of april - april
fool's day - and if you let the thought of seeing this bird override what
common sense you do have then in my opinion you're to blame as much as the
original sender of the email .    and even if you did already go to rhode
island I'm sure they could use some help with the cleanup .    we open our
wallets with millions for Haiti ;  how much will we send to our neighbors
next door ?  

Anyway, peace - please ?    or would you really rather go back to when there
wasn't any reporting ?   

Claudia longmore
Wethersfield, ct       

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Certainly didn't mean to post to a list, but enough is enough.  I am tired
of the silliness that seems to come with reporting birds these days.


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