[CT Birds] During this Holiday (4/2, 4/3, 4/4)

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Fri Apr 2 07:14:52 EDT 2010

Here is a thought I am just throwing out there (talk is cheep). I  
don't have time to oversee it. But someone else might be interested  
in running it.

An Eastern/Passover Big Weekend. It starts at midnight Thrusday and  
Continues to Midnight Sunday. How many species can we find? At this  
time of year anything is possible from late winter birds to early  
migrants. It would be fun to see what exotica turns up.

During this period there were quite a few records for Pine Warbler,  
Palm Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow

For the past week or so there have been records of several hundred  
Snow Geese nearly every day (not the same year)
That many geese tend to be fly overs. Keep an eye to the sky

Also don't forget Black-headed and Little Gulls

1880	Black-legged Kittiwake	Norwich (large numbers)
1902	Wood Thrush	Portland
1910	King Rail	Guilford, Leetd's Island
1923	Louisiana Waterthrush	No Location Given
1943	Common Raven	Waterford
1947	Tree sparrow	Fairfield
1950	Palm Warbler	Guilford
1950	Northern Rough-winged Swallow	Hamden
1952	House Wren	Guiflord
1953	Dickcissel	Woodbridge	(from March)
1955	Lapland Longspur Wethersfield
1956	Pine Grosbeak	Hartland
1983	American Golden-Plover	Madison, Hammonasset St. Pk.
1985	200 Broad-winged Hawk	Bloomfield
1992	Snow Bunting	Mansfield
1993	Horned Grebe	Mansfield
1994	Common Redpoll	Woodbury
1995	Rough-legged hawk	Newtown
1998	Clapper Rail	Westport, Sherwood Is. St. Pk.
1999	Louisiana Waterthrush
1999	Seaside Sparrow		Madison, Hammonasset St. Pk.
2000	Tricolored Heron	Old Lyme, Great Island
2000	100,000	Mixed Gulls	From Stratford to Bridgeport

1881	Horned Lark	Litchfield
1892	Barn Swallow	Jewett City
1938	Purple Sandpiper	No Location Given
1938	Purple Martin		No Location Given
1945	Barn Swallow	Harwinton
1947	Black-bellied Plover	Wethersfield
1958	Northern Shrike	Mansfield
1999	Razorbill	Stonington, Stonington Pt.
2000	10 Northern Gannet	Stamford, Shippan Pt.

1873	Northern Shrike	Portland
1902	Purple Martin	Portland
1945	Ruby-crowned Kinglet	Mansfield
1948	Fox Sparrow	Simsbury
1953	House Wren	South Windsor
1991	Yellow-headed Blackbird	Branford, Indian Neck
1991	Yellow-throated Warbler	North Guilford
1992	Tundra Swan	Derby
1994	Little Blue Heron	Stonington Barn Island
1996	Northern Rough-winged Swallow	Southbury
1998	Louisiana Waterthrush	Canton

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