[CT Birds] More tree swallows and bird behaviors

jayne.amico at cox.net jayne.amico at cox.net
Fri Apr 2 09:07:10 EDT 2010

7 AM his morning had the number of tree swallows up to 3 gliding around the nest box singing their buzzy notes. Lots of action with the bluebirds sticking close to their box drop foraging in the area.  Red tail hawk made a few passes talons out down to the ground but came up empty each time. Could not see what the bird was after.  Female Cardinal flying into nearby hemlock with nesting material. Red winged blackbird pair foraging at the pond along with a mallard pair. Tufted titmice copulating this A.M.  White throats and juncos making themselves heard, along with the vociferous Carolina wren. There is so much song happening, I never want to stop listening just stay and drink up the music that makes my heart so light! Flickers calling, Red bellied  woodpecker drumming, my senses are on a wonderful overload!

A song sparrow so hormonal he broke into song at 1:30 am!  :))))

Very, very Springy here!

Jayne Amico
Southington, CT

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