[CT Birds] The sounds of an early Spring evening: Mockingbird

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A comment to add to Dave's post:
  I've always been curious about whether Mockingbirds "remember" the songs of migrants(and therefore can sing them before the migrants return) or if they need to "re-hear" the songs in Spring as migrants pass before they can actually "remember" them? What I'm getting at here is "can you use song repertoire of a Northern Mockingbird to predict which birds have arrived here?" IOW's could that Mockingbird sung the Phoebe song in January?
Just curious,
Bill YuleLyme

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Last evening when I was leaving work at Millstone I was treated to the songs
of the following species as soon as I walked out of the security perimeter;


Carolina Wren

Northern Flicker

Eastern Phoebe

Northern Cardinal

Eastern Towhee


Of course it was a Northern Mockingbird doing all those consecutively but I
did appreciate the effort and left with a smile.


Dave Provencher

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