[CT Birds] Powerline cuts, Pine warbler

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Sat Apr 3 10:43:17 EDT 2010

The utilities clear vegetation from powerline cuts because it is a fire hazard.  During heavy usage and in the summer especially, the lines get very hot and expand, causing them to droop between towers.  If the veggies arent cleared the wires could touch them or have current arc into them and cause a serious fire and potentially blackouts.  Remember that huge blackout several summers ago?  It started near Sagamore Hills, Ohio, where my friend used to live, for this very reason and I saw that burnt out spot.  The local power company had already been critisized for various reasons and was trying to save $ on cutting and you experienced the (admittedly unusual) result.  Anyway, keep in mind that this scrubby habitiat would only exist naturally if the normal forest habitat was devastated by a hurricane blow-down or fire. One specie's loss is another's gain.

First pine warblers have arrived here in East Haddam woods!

One thought on the swan list issue.  I suggest folks count them because let's say in 15-20 years ornithologists decide they are "wild", will you remember you saw them if you didnt write it down?  Put an asterisk next to it, or something if you want to, but if you never see one again, this might be your only time to list them and who knows what the future holds.  In any case, it's your list with your rules!

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