[CT Birds] Birding binoculars

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sat Apr 3 16:33:23 EDT 2010

I would like to mention that some great binoculars, often  overlooked for 
birding, are those in or near the 8x32 size.  They have one  advantage over 
8x42 which is field of view.  The 8x32 class bins typically  have a MUCH 
wider field of view, as much as 100 feet more at 1000 yards.   This means that 
when that lifer warbler unexpectedly hops from 1 branch to  another he is 
often still in sight, even before you move your bins to follow  him.  
Of course in all things optic there are trade-offs.  In  this case it is 
the amount of light transmitted.  I do not recommend lower  price range 
products such as Vortex Fury or Eagle Optics, in this case, because  you will find 
that when you get into that birdy thicket they will seem quite  dark.  
However, the higher end binoculars such as Brian is apparently  looking at are 
still very good.   I have a pair of   higher end Minox bins (8x33) and they 
are excellent.  (Thanks for  the tip on the brand, Mark).  It appears to me 
that in all price ranges the  sharpness is about as good as 8x42.  Just an 
option to  consider.
Don Morgan

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