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Sun Apr 4 04:42:16 EDT 2010

I would also like boast for The fat Robin in Hamden.  Jim and Carol were more than welcoming.... even after I broke vertical motion bar off inside!  They (as are Audubon Shop) can find the best quality to any budget.


I was lost until Jim set me up with a scope and tripod that was both very god quality, and a decent price (as decent a price optics can be!!)




Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
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> Hi Brian et al,
> All the ones your thinking about are fantastic high end Binoculars. 
> Places to buy your optics as mentioned before in CT hands down are; 
> The Audubon Shop in Madison 203-245-9056 and The Fat Robin in Hamden 
> 203-248-7068. They will always take care of you for anything you need 
> and let you look through them to compare. These folks are very forth 
> coming and will always tell you the truth from the get go about a 
> variety of optics!
> For many years like you, I had been using 8x42 B&L Elites. Wonderful 
> Binoculars. I use them now for my back ups. I now have a pair of Leica 
> 8X42 Ultravid HD that I bought when they first came out and I LOVE 
> them and can't say enough about them! I have NEVER looked back once 
> period! If the terminology is correct the Leica has a higher eye point/ 
> eye relief than the B&L Elites. Meaning your eyes are closer when 
> looking through the Leica's than the Elites.
> I too have small hands and my eyes are close together so I like how 
> Leica can really squeeze the eyepieces together so they line up with 
> my eyes. Most of the ones you are looking at do too, along with other 
> points I will be making. They fit very comfortable in my hands, they 
> don't fog up in the rain, due to the type of new coating on them 
> (which by the way is not bs). There super rugged and balanced well. As 
> an optics gal and a very technical photographer and am incredibly 
> picky about sharpness, and the color of light. These babies are tack 
> sharp with outstanding detail and the color is true to what you see. 
> That for me was the answers I needed.
> The 8x42's are a great middle of the road for me. I love the 42's 
> bigger eye area. You can see more come in & out of field. I didn't 
> want 7x42, not enough power, bright, although great for lightness, 
> watching butterflies, carrying around other equipment including 
> camera's. 10x42's to powerful, on boats are great, but heavier, not 
> bright enough in low light situations. Also think about what else you 
> are going to be carrying along with your Binoculars and how much 
> weight you are willing to carry around. Or., Hire or find a sherpa!
> As Don has mentioned the 7,8X32's series of any bino's along with the 
> Minox, is also a great Binocular and absolutely gives a great field of 
> view., plus they are lighter. I would certainly do the exercise in 
> comparing them with all the 42 series of bino's though. I have always 
> said I would love to also have a pair of Leica 32's for traveling if I 
> had to really go light and space was an issue.
> They are all fantastic Binoculars and Manufacturers. It's just a 
> matter of trying them all out to see what feels the best in your 
> hands, looking through them, sharpness, color balance and the weight. 
> After all is said and done its about what is right for you.
> Cheers,
> Mardi Dickinson
> Norwalk
> mardi1 at optonline.net
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