[CT Birds] Sunday - Greenwich Point

Bo Hopkins bhopkins at cmequity.com
Mon Apr 5 07:28:58 EDT 2010


42 Species on the First Sundays walk at Greenwich Point - no surprises,
and no warblers



Goose, Canada

Swan, Mute

Duck, American Black


Duck, Long-tailed


Merganser, Red-breasted

Grebe, Horned

Cormorant, Double-crested

Heron, Great Blue

Egret, Great


Oystercatcher, American

Gull, Ring-billed

Gull, Herring

Gull, Great Black-backed

Dove, Mourning

Woodpecker, Red-bellied

Woodpecker, Downy

Flicker, Northern

Phoebe, Eastern

Jay, Blue

Crow, American

Crow, Fish

Swallow, Tree

Titmouse, Tufted

Chickadee, Black-capped

Nuthatch, White-breasted

Wren, Carolina

Robin, American

Mockingbird, Northern

Starling, European

Sparrow, Song

Sparrow, White-throated

Junco, Dark-eyed

Cardinal, Northern

Blackbird, Red-winged

Grackle, Common

Cowbird, Brown-headed

Goldfinch, American

Sparrow, House


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