[CT Birds] Stratford 'Big Day' (*112species**

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 6 16:10:36 EDT 2010

I decided to get out to see how many species I could snag in just Stratford today.  My goal was 80, but with some help, I passed that.  (before I talked to Frank who did the same yesterday!!)  For a good setion of the time I was joined by Charlie Barnard and Penny Solum.


This brought me to Stratford Point, all of Great Meadows, Long beach, Short Beach (from behind DeLuca field), Wooster Pond, Peck's Mill Pond, Peck's Housatonic River Access, my woods, Raven Pond on East Main, the Seawall, Birdseye, and various driving stops.



Highlights include Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (got one for sure at Peck's, Charlie!), a Red-necked Grebe off of Long Beach, 2 (yes 2!) 2nd or 3rd cycle Glaucous gulls, a pair of BW Teals, Northern Shovelers, Blue-headed Vireo, Palm warbler (spyed by Charlie, I saw it fly off), Yellow-crowned Night-herons (2... thanks Frank), Bonepart's Gull, a late Great Cormorant up the Housatonic river between the Sikorsky Bridge of I-95 bridge, a single Piping Plover, a single Northern Rough-winged Swallow, a Clapper rail, a singing Marsh wren (I found it, guys!), several Snowy egrets, and  pair of Ring-necked Ducks on the river.


Complete list below (locations of liess common indicated):


1-Common Loon

2- Red-throated Loon

3- Red-necked Grebe (off of Long Beach)

4- Horned Grebe

5- Great Cormorant (up Housatonic near RT-15 bridge, seen here all winter... soon to depart)

6- Double-crested Cormorant (everywhere now)

7- Northern Gannet (off Long Beach... maybe one at seawall)

8- Great Blue Heron (7 juv, 1 adult in Lewis' Gut beyond warehouses to east)

9- Great Egret

10- Snowy Egret

11- Black-crowned Night-heron (Birdseye Boat ramp)

12- Yellow-crowned Night-heron (in with several GBHE at same spot)

13- Mute Swan

14- Canada Goose

15- Brant

16- Wood Duck (pair at Peck's Mill Pond)

17- Mallard (including Black X Mallard drake at Wooster Pond)

18- Am. Black Duck

19- Gadall (Stfd Point on Short Beach side)

20- American Wigeon

21- Northern Shoveler pair (still present, very hidden and sleepy in back end of 'warehouse' pool pond.. sorry Charlie/Penny!)

22- Blue-winged Teal pair (present in low water in Lewis' Gut beyond warehouses)

23- Green-winged Teal (3 locations)

24- Ring-necked Duck pair (seen from Stratford side, but in Caswell cove, Milford)

25- Greater Scaup

26- Lesser Scaup

27- Long-tailed Duck (recent trend of high numbers continues)

28- Common Goldeneye

29- Bufflehead (Housatonic river)

30- Hooded Mergnaser

31- Common Merganser (Beaver Dam lake/pond)

32- Red-breasted Merganser

33- Turkey Vulture

34- Northern Harrier (Stfd Point)

35- Sharp-shinned Hawk

36- Cooper's Hawk

37- Red-shouldered Hawk

38- Red-tailed Hawk

39- Osprey (like 15 all over town, copulating pair on Airport tower)

40- Merlin (Stfd Point)

41- American Kestrel (short beach... plucked by Charlie)

42- Peregrine Falcon

43- Wild Turkey

44- American Coot (4, still present as Nick B. reported)

45- Capper Rail (RR trail, McKinney Refuge)

46- Black-bellied Plover (3) (behind last warehouse on Long Beach Blvd,)

47- Piping Plover (stratford beaches)

48- Killdeer everywhere

49- American Oystercatcher (3 on Short Beach sandbars, viewed from behind DeLuca ball field)

50- Greater Yellowlegs

51- Lesser Yellowlegs (one in pool in front of airport, I forgot where the other was)

52- Solitary Sandpiper (Wooster pond mudflats... always a good spot for them, early for me)

53- Sanderling

54- Dunlin (200+)

55- Boneparte's Gull (2 flying towards Oyster River)

56- Ring-billed Gull

57- Herring Gull

58- Glaucous Gulls (2!! now at Long beach... strikingly white and huge)

59- Great Black-backed Gull

60- Mourning Dove

61- Rock Dove

62- Monk Parakeets

63- Great Horned Owl

64- Belted Kingfisher

65- Red-bellied Woodpecker

66- Downy Woodpecker

67- Hairy Woodpecker

68- Northern Flicker

69- Pileated Wodpeker (home woods)

70- Eastern Phoebe

71- Blue-headed Vireo (conifers across from Peck's Mill pond

72- Blue jay

73- Am. Crow

74- Fish Crow

75- NRW Swallow ('railroad' trailn@ McKinney)

76- Tree swallows (VAST difference in numbers, being hgher, than a few days ago)

77- Tufted Titmouse

78- BC Chickadee

79- White-breasted Nuthatch

80- Brown Creeper (Peck's Mill Pond woods)

81- Carolina Wren

82- Thanks for the heads up, guys!

83- Golden-crowned Knglet

84- Ruby-rowned Kinglet

85- Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

86- Eastern Bluebird (Boothe Memorial Park)

87- American Robin

88- Hermit Thrush

89- Gray Catbird (2 lacations)

90- No. Mockingbirds fighting, copulating

91- Brown Thrasher (thanks, Scott!)

92- Euro Starling

93- Cedar Waxwing (home trees)

94-Yellow-rumped Warblers (2 @ Wooster Park)

95- palm Warbler (amazing spot by Penny and Charlie)

96- Pine Warbler

97- Cardinal

98- Eastern Towhee (heard singing from my woods)

99- Field Sparrow

100- Chipping Sparrow

101- Sanannah Sparrow

102- White-throated Sparrow

103- Song Sparrow

104- Swamp Sparrow

105- DE Junco (yard)

106- BH Cowbird

107- Red-winged Blackbird

108- Common Grackle

109- Boat-tailedb Grackle

110- House Finch

111- Am. GHoldfinch

112- House Sparrow


Easily one of my best single day, single town day totals.,



Enjoy birds!!




Brian Webster
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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