[CT Birds] Warblers across the border

B Inskeep binskeep at optonline.net
Tue Apr 6 19:29:25 EDT 2010

That was some list Brian, Charlie and Penny produced while birding in Stratford today!  Way to go!  Sounds like a wonderful day.

Going out on a limb, being this a CT list, I'll share a few of today's observations from Rockefeller State Park - Tarrytown, NY and Croton Point Park - Croton On Hudson, NY as we eagerly anticipate more movement of these birds across CT in the coming days and weeks.

Myself suffering somewhat from warbler anticipation (and deprivation), I decided to travel west to where I thought there might be more concentrations and finally got a warbler fix after stepping across the border just 25 miles to Rockefeller State Park.  There I had a flock of no less than 20 Palm Warblers, 3 Pine Warblers and 1 Yellow-rumped Warbler - all observed in several large bare trees at the same location, all in plain sight and often multiples in one view through bins.  I've never before seen this many warblers in one tree, let alone, one species!  Me and another (non-birding) observer stood in awe as they flew back and forth between trees and across the trail voraciously feeding.  It makes me wonder how many more were there and in the vicinity that we didn't see.

Moving on to Croton Point Park immediately after exiting the car we observed 6 more Pine Warblers in a single budding tree along with 2 Palms and several FOY Chipping Sparrows as well.  At Croton, there's a hardy grove of coniferous trees and Pine Warblers were heard singing and seen scattered throughout, again actively feeding even after the noon-time hour.  These two parks were also littered with Northern Flickers, and robins, no doubt; they were practically under-foot, seemingly uninhibited by our presence.  It was nice to have the opportunity to really appreciate what Sibley's describes as "striking plumage" of the flicker, illuminated by afternoon sunlight, including the bright yellow underwings and tail - a pleasant contrast to the Red-shafted subspecies I'm used to seeing at home in the desert Southwest.

Spring - what a treat!

Brenda Inskeep
sometimes Stamford

P.S. Birders seen: zero!  It was a nice, peaceful day with only a constant chorus of bird song, drumming and vocalization; these two areas are beautiful if you haven't been.

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