[CT Birds] Try spring hawk watching

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Tue Apr 6 19:45:22 EDT 2010

Today I released my pigeons in training at Thomaston Black Rock Lake. 
Its not a lake but a flood control dam high above Thomaston. While there, I spotted a hawk in the air. With nocks I saw it was a Kestrel. I decided to stay a while-2:30 to 3:30 and see if the hawks were flying. In the hour I stayed, I counted the following migrants. You know they are migrants when they are flying direct, high and usually heading east north east.

2 Peregrine
4 Kestrel
3 Broad wing
3 Cooper
1 Sharpie
2 Harrier
12 TV
also seen - 
2 resident Raven
2 Pine Warb
1 Yellow rump
2 flyover Purple finch
4 Wood duck
and a high V or Brant.

This is the time of year when many hawks are coming back to breed, with many passing over and through CT. The day was a perfect one for Hawk watching. High clouds for silhouetting, a northeast breeze for lift and some thermals.
Mid April is usually the peak for the spring hawk flights. go out and give it a try...

Paul Carrier 

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