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Greetings all,

It's interesting that Dennis's report mentioned observations of a Portland 
Passenger Pigeon in 1887.  The fate of this bird is a sad one.  A fellow 
birder sent me this report from the Ohio list yesterday -

in Columbus OH in 1855 - sad events in American (bird) history:

Read it with a box of tissues.

Brenda Inskeep

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1887 Passenger Pigeon Portland
1907 Pine Grosbeak Hartford
1929 Brown Thrasher Westport
1945 Lesser Scaup Easton
1950 Wilson's Plover Old Lyme (third successive year)
1951 Wilson's Plover Old Lyme (fourth successive year)
1983 Golden Eagle Guilford
1985 Baltimore Oriole Woodbridge
1991 110 Mute Swan, Old Lyme, Griswold Pt.
1991 300 Double-crested Cormorant Old Lyme, Griswold Pt.
1991 Lark Sparrow Portlad
1994 Hoary Redpoll Torrington
1995 Barn Owl Hartford
1996 Barnacle Goose Mansfield
1997 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
2000 Willet Westbrook
2000 Short-billed Dowitcher Milford, Milford Pt.
2000 Northern Parula Watertown 

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