[CT Birds] Cooper's "do the deed"

cekroth at comcast.net cekroth at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 11:42:29 EDT 2010

I heard the Coops making noise and watched as the female brought a twig to the 

nest.  She make a one call "kek" and flew down to another tree.  I got the scope out 

to watch her break off a branch but instead got to see them copulate.  The male then brought a 

twig up to the nest and made the same one call.  He then flew down to within 20 feet of the 

female and both began to preen.  The female stopped after about 20 minutes but the male 

continued for almost an hour.  I noticed that they both closed their nictitating membranes as 

they preened.  The male was quite fastideous as he cleaned everything, even down to his toes. 

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