[CT Birds] Reporting rare nesting species

ELKINS, Kenneth kelkins at audubon.org
Wed Apr 7 22:19:08 EDT 2010

Kudos to all the reports lately of watching bird behavior- including the great opportunity right now to watch courtship displays and nesting.  I prefer them over the basic sightings- I can bird vicariously through all of you on days when when I'm stuck at my desk...

Today's reports of nesting of hawks reminds me of the nesting Sharp-shinned hawks I found near my house years ago.  I thought a simple email to Jenny Dickson at the DEP would count as an official report.  Instead, I learned that we all need to submit the official reporting forms to the DEP Natural Diversity Database.  They're most interested in evidence of breeding of State Listed species- Sharp-shinned hawk is listed as State Endangered as a nesting species. You can find an updated list here:  http://ctbirding.org/nddb/birdlist.pdf

For all the information about the NDDB, including instructions and forms, visit:  http://ctbirding.org/nddb.htm

Good birding,

Ken Elkins
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