[CT Birds] On This Date (4/8)

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Apr 8 06:55:20 EDT 2010

I just acquired another year of April records, and there are a couple  
of interest

In the winter of of 56/57 a couple of Black-backed Woodpeckers were  
found in the Hartford area.
On April 6 one was seen in New Britain

On April 7 A Blue-headed Vireo was seen singing in East Windsor.

April 8
1874	Green-winged Teal	Portland
1886	Summer Tanager  	New Haven
1949	21	Redhead	Easton (their last date)
1984	Summer Tanager  	Stafford Springs
1991	Blue-grey Gnatcatcher	Kent, River Rd.
1994	Canvasback  	Westport, Sherwood Is. St. Pk.
1999	Purple Martin	Madison
2000	Red-necked Grebe	Canton, Nepaug Res. and Farmington, Batterson  
2000	Tricolored Heron  	Stonington, Barn Island WMA
2000	Louisiana Watertrhush	Easton, Southbury, Killingworth
2001	140 Wilson's Snipe

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