[CT Birds] Process of elimination ..............

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Fri Apr 9 10:07:24 EDT 2010

Did you ever get a quick glimpse of a bird that left an impression, but you just didn't see enough to know what it was? I saw one today.

A group of Goldfinch landed at the top of an oak tree in the yard, But one was different. This bird was a bit bigger - House finch size, and had a very prominent white or light area (stripe) on the wing (above and below) where the primaries and secondaries meet the greater coverts. It quickly flew off with the Gold finches.
I was excited to find what it was, so I searched my Sibley's for guidance.
Here is my deduction...........

Siskin: has a similar stripe, but is yellow and this bird was noticably bigger.
Evening Grosbeak: Stripe similar, but not as complete - also a larger bird.
Snow Bunting: In a tree? has a light patch, not a stripe.
Rose-breasted or Black headed Grosbeak: Just to big and to chunky.
Brambling: Does have pale wing strip - but Yeah right - need more info.
Western Spindalis: Has a very similar wing pattern ! - do ya think?

Conclusion: I have no idea what this bird was, and need to let it go.......

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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