[CT Birds] Orange backyard

Katz1449 at aol.com Katz1449 at aol.com
Fri Apr 9 13:41:27 EDT 2010

4/9  Orange
I just had a hen turkey under by bird feeders, walking around  backyard.
An unusual customer for my yard, although they are in the neighborhood  
closer to the river.
I still have 5 white throated sparrows at the feeders, singing up a storm.  
The juncos seem to have recently departly.
The small population of goldfinches continues (5-8) and the regulars:
N. flicker pair, downy woodpecker pair,  red belly woodpecker pair,  
chipping sparrow pair, song sparrow pair, cardinal pair, red winged blackbirds,  
mourning doves, house sparrows, starlings, common grackles, blue jays,
titmouses, chickadees, carolina wren pair,  house finches,  American  crows.
Under the feeders yesterday there was one song sparrow, one house  sparrow,
one white throated sparrow and one chipping sparrow-making a nice  
assortment for the yard.
Bev Propen, Orange

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