[CT Birds] Advanced Botany

Steve Kotchko smkbard at cox.net
Sat Apr 10 14:41:18 EDT 2010

I'm not sure about all areas of CT, but in the Hartford region, premature
warm days and recent abundant rains have "advanced" the botany two weeks or
more before traditional bloom.  Numerous flowering fruit trees are fully in
bloom, and other trees are starting to "green up" rapidly.  Garden flowers
are out, and the grass is very green in many towns.


So I have a few questions for the experts among us.  How will this premature
bloom affect bird migration this spring?  Assuming the warm weather extended
well south of us, will it push birds to the North faster or not?  Or will
the birds, obviously interested in insect activity, stick to traditional
schedules and the only complication for be for us-the birders-who will have
to peer at warblers, etc. through fully-leafed out branches vs. the lighter
"green up" normally associated with late April and the first weeks of May?


I've read the daily bird reports, and see scattered sightings of the usual
early arrivals, but no real reports of full-blown early waves of birds, so
my curiosity pushed me to send this e-mail.  I imagine other birders are
having the same thoughts about the migration season.


Steve Kotchko

Wethersfield, CT

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