[CT Birds] Southport Survey # 227

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sun Apr 11 10:34:44 EDT 2010

Southport Survey # 227

Tuesday the sound was too foggy, Yesterday too windy, Today it was  
just right. The tide was near high, with some rocks of Sunken Island  
exposed. The water was calm and the sky cloudy. Comparing yesterday  
to today one can see the difference a little wind makes.  Off shore 1  
Ad. Gannet remained. The big change was the Bonaparte’s Gulls. There  
were 30 birds sitting on the water. and small groups flying by. There  
were no birds at Southport Beach. There was a general increase in  
birds. But, don’t expect 100 or more Long-tailed Ducks anymore. The  
Red-throated Loons were recent arrivals. They were in clusters and  
doing a lot of preening. The Surf Scoters were a pair and a fly-by.  
Herring and Ring-billed Gulls were even more scarce today than  
yesterday. Another interesting sight was that most of the Brant were  
sitting on the water off shore.

At Burying Hill Beach there were few differences.

Dennis Varza

DATE	3/24	4/1	4/10	4/11
Tide	High	Low 	High	High
Time	7:55	7:10	7:15

Brant	226_454_388_500
Canada Goose	34_8_6_12
Mute Swan	2_5_5_3
American Wigeon	0_2_0_2
American Black Duck	11_6_0_2
Mallard	4_10_7_12
Greater Scaup	48_0_0_0
Long-tailed Duck	132_216_18_52
Bufflehead	26_2_0_0
Common Goldeneye	3_0_0_0
Red-breasted Merganser	43_46_7_20
Red-throated Loon	2_18_2_24
Common Loon	2_4_1_7
Horned Grebe	8_39_3_13
Northern Gannet	1_0_2_1
Great Cormorant	5_1_0_0
Double-crested Cormorant	0_2_13_8
Bonaparte’s Gull	64_0_1400_72
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	07_106_50_25
Ring-billed Gull Im.	12_30_30_6
Herring Gull Ad.   	124_358_72_49
Herring Gull Im.    	9_50_16_8
Great Black-backed Gull Ad.	10_14_6_4
Great Black-backed Gull Im.	4_3_0_0

Burying Hill Beach

DATE	3/24	4/1	4/10	4/11
Tide	High	Low	High	High
Time	10:20	10:15	9:00	8;40

Brant	250_25_22_100
Canada Goose	8_0_2_2
Mute Swan	0_2_1_0
Gadwall	0_2_0_0
American Wigeon	0_8_0_0
American Black Duck	14_34_0_0
Mallard	15_6_2_0
Long-tailed Duck	30_480_18_56
Red-breasted Merganser	14_10_5_0
Red-throated Loon	0_36_0_0
Common Loon	2_5_0_0
Horned Grebe	2_9_1_1
Northern Gannet	0_0_0_1
Double-crested Cormorant	0_0_0_1
Ring Billed Gull	60/15_44/12_4/4_0/1	Ad./Im.
Herring Gull	10_48/5_15/5_62/4	Ad./Im.
Lesser Black-backed Gull	0_1_0_0
Great Black-backed Gull	2_2_0_1

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