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Sun Apr 11 13:48:43 EDT 2010

 Hi All,

The Yellow-throated Warbler was actually in a single White Pine by the Pavilion Parking lot (lost in translation I guess). The bird was singing almost constantly and the Sunrise Birding Group  got good looks at the bird sallying out and flycatching for 5 or 10 minutes. It was heading out to other trees then returning quickly to the pine consistently. After 10 minutes or so it disappeared from view into the pine and stopped singing - although we didn't see it leave it appeared to have done so. There are/were a few birders at the park trying to relocate it but I fear it may be a bit of a needle in a haystack situation right now. At least one of my group got a decent record shot of the bird but I doubt decent enough to get it to subspecies ID, it seemed pale lored but I am aware how difficult this mark can be to see in the field (I'll let you make your own inferences about it sticking to the pine tree). Hopefully I'll have a copy of the photo to share later.

Apart from that not much else to report!

Luke Tiller, Greenwich
blog: www.underclearskies.com


>From Luke Tiller (Sunrise Birding) with Toby Appel, Cynthia Cage, Katie Rice :

04/11/10 -Westport, Sherwood Island State Park - 1 YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER


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